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I am going to try to give you some basic information on how to use "The People's Court" also known as "Small Claims Court". The reason it is called "The People's Court" is because it is a Court of Equity and generally Lawyers are not allowed in there to represent people. You tell your side of the Story to a Judge and the other side tells their side. Witnesses and Documents are submitted to help the Judge decide and the Judge renders and opinion for one side or the other.
Unfortunately entrepreneurial flair is not the only thing required in the start up of a new business! Obviously a capital is also required, this is where many people find themselves turning to relationships with silent partners.
Having a business partner who will invest in your idea and leave you to get on with it may seem like a dream come true, but this is never the case. People with money to invest didn't come by it by accident - they will be a shrewd investor who will expect their investment to make money for them.
A statement of claim is the final step to officially commence proceedings against someone who owes you money. This is notifying the court that you are owed money and that you have tried to ask the debtor to acknowledge and pay the debt.
A statement of claim must outline a 'real' debt claim supported by evidence of that debt owed and remaining unpaid. Evidence is usually in the form of a contract to show there was an agreement for a product, goods or services, invoices rendered that were not paid, and letters of demand that were ignored with receipts showing they were sent.
If you've never hired an attorney you probably have questions about attorney fees and how they work. To state it plain and simple - fees vary from one attorney to another. Some charge more, some charge less and they usually go about charging you in three different ways. Each fee method has its pros and cons for both the client and the attorney with various risks and rewards. You may be charged on a contingency basis - meaning you pay nothing until you win. Normally the attorney assumes a higher risk unless they have confidence in your case and its chances of winning. Second fee method involves hourly billing - you get billed per each hour of attorney's time. The obvious negative to that is you might be stuck with a large bill even if you win nothing. On the upside of hourly billing, you may win a large settlement and won't have to give a significant portion away to your lawyer. Lastly, your attorney may charge you a flat fee. Flat fee method is similar to hourly billing, in terms that you won't pay more if you win a larger settlement.
When doing a search for arrest records there are several things that will show up with regards to the person in question. However, one needs to heed caution when conducting such a comprehensive background check. The information supplied is personal and one should under no circumstances take advantage of such information or divulge the information to other parties. No laws should be broken when intruding in another person's private affairs.
Business litigation attorneys are known by various names in Los Angeles. Corporate litigation attorneys, commercial litigation attorneys, business trial lawyers and breach of contract litigation attorneys are some of the names with which business litigation attorneys are known. Doesn't matter, what name is being given to them, they all follow the same legal ways of action. Let's find out what each term means and what the reasons of its action are.
What Is Pro Se Representation? Pro se legal representation means representing yourself rather than hiring a lawyer to do it for you. You have the right to do that in essentially any court proceeding, whether as defendant or plaintiff, and whether the matter is civil (for money) or criminal. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning "for oneself," and you will sometimes see it called propria persona (abbreviated to "pro per"). In England and Wales, the comparable status is called “litigant in person.” Pro Se Representation is not Rare Although many people fear the thought of representing themselves in court, pro se representation is not rare. According to National Center on State Courts in 1991-92 71% of domestic relations (family law) cases had at least one unrepresented party, and in 18% of the cases both parties were pro se. It is a growing trend in debt collection law as well as family law and other matters.
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives someone being harassed by debt collectors several useful tools. One of the best of these tools is requiring verification. A "Secret"(?) Weapon There's nothing secret about requiring verification, but in my opinion consumers don't use this one often enough. It costs nothing to use, takes very little time, and often, all by itself, is enough to convince them to leave you alone and look somewhere else for their victims. The Right to Verification Under the FDCPA, the first written communication from a debt collector must inform the consumer of his right to require verification of the debt (if the request is made within 30 days).
Many people in Edinburgh will have been following the recent news stories about possible corruption in the City Council's building works department with mounting concern.
The accusations concern the way in which the Statutory Notice system operates. To put it simply, if the council notices that a building is in need of repair, it serves a Notice on the proprietor or proprietors, requiring them to carry out repair works within a certain period of time. Very often the proprietors ignore the Notice, or "never get round to it", or find themselves stymied by awkward neighbours on the stair who refuse to participate in any discussions. In that case, after a reasonable period of time has elapsed, the Council appoints its own contractors and carries out the work itself. It bills the various proprietors in roughly equal shares, and chases up recalcitrant payers. The system is a perfectly good one so long as those administering it behave fairly and honestly, and is particularly necessary in a city like Edinburgh, with so many old and historic buildings requiring constant maintenance.
The decision of a business include an arbitration provision in a contract or to sign one that includes it should be made in connection with consultation with counsel as there are significant aspects for the business to consider that are relevant and critical to its decision making process. Depending on the structure of the business, making this decision without consulting the business' attorney may even expose the manager(s) to liability for violating their duties to the business and/or its shareholders or members.